*"Not Like The Other Video Essayists" *

Hi! I'm 'Steff'. I want to make the highest-quality videos I can.My videography has been described as . . .'Plagiarism' -Dota 2 Caster with ~10k followers"autistic" -Uploader of 'Oney Plays' fan animation with + 3.2 million views (who later got doxxed)"amazing" -Guy who started the 'iceberg' craze, was cool enough to credit me in his +4mil views video after I begged desperately and pathetically (srs thx sm)"annoying" -Person who made viral video of them screaming the Universal intro/jingle, later shared by ex-partner of Kanye West (Typing this out I'm just realising this sounds made up but this is real)Other quotes∙ "We can’t give you access to this account or continue to process your request because we haven’t received an acceptable image to verify account ownership. Thanks" -Facebook